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New to NewGrounds

2013-06-08 18:21:12 by Lin-zi

Newbie here.
Just been taking a look around, there are some fantastic artists here at NG.
Not very good myself, but still love looking at everyone elses master pieces


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2013-07-23 00:54:42

Hey, I'm newbie too!
It seems like a perfect place to grow as artists here in NG (Can't help reading "National Geographic" when I write "NG").
By seeing and watching, you can learn a lot!

I'm getting in touch with other newbies, like me, to share ome knowledge to each other, and stuff like that. I think it would be cool if you join us, as well!

Cool pics, by the way!
See ya!

Lin-zi responds:

That is a fantastic idea, a great learning tool for all us new to NG.
Thanks for leaving me a comment!


2013-08-05 00:32:40

Well let me be the first among many to welcome you to newgrounds.
Hoping to see you grow and mature as an artist :).

Very lovely gallery by the way, Keep it up!